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How We Work

Using Minibus Comparison is simple and fast. Our growing membership of operators gives you a wide and varied selection to choose from. This ensures you receive the best deals possible. It really is simple to use. All it takes is three simple steps for you to begin.

Step one is to choose your departure location. You can use either your postcode, city or town. You can also choose if you require a self-driving service or a driver. Then choose the number of passengers that will be included into your travel plans. This can be from 1-30, so whatever your plans are, Minibus Comparison can help you follow them through. After you have done this, simply press the “Search Now” button.

Step two requires you to choose your preferred operators. You will see a list of all our member operators that work in your chosen area. You will also see links to their profiles, giving you a good idea of what they do, where they operate and how to contact them. So after selecting your chosen companies, on to step three.

Step three involves your travel plans. Input your date and time of departure, your desired destination and if it is one way or return. You will also be asked for a reason for the trip from a drop down menu, as well as any other additional notes the operators may need to be informed of. This is to ensure your journey is of the highest quality and is designed perfectly for you. At this stage you will also have the option of creating an account. You can do this either by signing in via Facebook, or inputing your personal information. After you have completed your travel information, click submit and that’s it!

We have now sent your information to your chosen minibus operators, who will then get back to you with their quotes for your journey. Nothing could be simpler.

Minibus Comparison is a facilitator of journeys. We do not deal with payments from you, we only put you in contact with the best minibus operators around. We would also recommend you always check that the operator’s licence to operate is active.

We’ll help you with all your minibus travel requirements. If you have need of travel for business, school, college or university or even for a sports event or night out with your friends; we’ll help you find the cheapest deals and very best minibus operators in your area. We are extremely simple to use and provide a time saving and stress relieving service. No more do you need to search online for minibus operators in your area. Our members are easily contactable and quick to send you their quotes.

If you require a minibus and are not sure where to start looking, Minibus Comparison is here to help you. Follow the easy steps and you’ll soon have a selection of quotes from our member operators to choose from.



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